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Maintenance - Programs

Lawn Programs

1. Fertilizer with pre-emergent crabgrass control - April
2. Broadleaf weed spray - May
3. Fertilizer with grub and surface insect control - June
4. Broadleaf weed spray - June
5. Fertilizer - August
6. Broadleaf weed spray - August
7. Fertilizer - September

1. Fertilizer with pre-emergent crabgrass control - March/April
2. Broadleaf weed spray - March/April
3. Fertilizer & extended pre-emergent weed control - May
4. Fertilizer with grub & surface insect control - June
5. Broadleaf weed spray - June
6. Fertilizer with grub & surface insect control - August
7. Broadleaf weed spray - August
8. Fertilizer with pre-emergent weed control - September
9. Aeration - September

Spring (February/March/April)

Dormant Spray - Application of horticultural oil to all applicable shrubs/ornamental trees for control of overwintering insects

Shrub/Ornamental Injection - Application of liquid fertilizer to flowering trees and shrubs, and additional insect control to susceptible plant species


A discount of 5% will be given to all programs when pre-paid by February 1st of each year.

Unless pre-paid, lawn programs will be billed in four (4) equal installments (March, May, July and September) and the shrub program will be billed in March.

All other lawn, tree and ornamental applications (including fungicides, sedge (nutgrass) and poa or nimblewill control) will be performed as needed or requested and will be billed separately.

Prepayment Option

Prepayment by some customers enables us to order early and pay for chemicals at a discount. We can then pass those savings on to those customers.

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