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Landscape Design

Landscape Design starts with a basic understanding of the wants and needs of the owner coupled with a knowledge of the advantages, limitations and possibilities of the subject property. A plan is drafted to reduce the design principles to visual expression. The concepts of line, balance, space, texture, color and unity are all important to the final appearance of the landscape installation. Future maintenance considerations must also be taken into account.

In order to aid the selection process, reference materials, books, drawings, etc. are available, along with various computerized models. It is difficult to simulate the actual completed installation, however. Knowledge of the growth habits, characteristics & particular environmental needs of the plant material is essential to the success and enjoyment of the finished landscape.

Actual selection and installation of the plant material and other landscape features complete the process. Proper care and watering of the newly planted shrubs & trees are essential.

Maintenance and monitoring the new installation for disease & plant pests is also an important consideration.

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